Welcome to Firefly Semantics

Our Platform Provides Supply Chain Analytics and Big Data Applications for the Cloud.

Sales Forecasting

FS 1, our browser based forecasting tool, takes sales history and creates expert AI driven time series forecasts minimizing forecasting error.

    FS  1

Inventory Optimization

FS Q, our browser based forecasting tool, calculates safety stock, reorder points, economic order quantities, and projects a purchasing or manufacturing schedule.

    FS   Q

Service Parts Profit Optimization

FS Alpha is our browser based demo application for service parts profit optimization.

It calculates optimal stocking levels for Long Lead Time, Capital Intensive, Low Demand service parts.

The optimization performed is for a single SKU and one set of optimization parameters.

To learn more visit our .

    FS   Alpha

CSV Data Verification and Application Integration

FS CSV is our browser based data verfication and application integration tool.

    FS   CSV